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The goal of this website is to capture a complete list of all models ever produced. For each model entered you can store information about the model, comments about the model, upload boxart pictures, part tree pictures, instructions, decal pictures and pictures of your completed model etc.

You can search the website without registering but in order to enter models, store your model collection or have a wishlist you must register. Membership to the website is free. There are way too many models for one person to gather all of this information, so the goal is for this to be a collaborative effort. If everyone enters information as they build their collection we will eventually have a fairly complete list of models. As most of us are painfully aware the number of model builders seems to be getting smaller each year. This makes this effort even more important. We must try and capture as much of the knowledge the existing modeling community has amassed over the years.

Another possibility of this website will be to link models and accessories together. IE if you search on a model there will be the capability of listing after-market accessories that can be used with that model as well. For example, you searched for Porsche 917 and found 5 models When you select one of them, it would be great to see that Historic Racing Miniatures has a resin 917 Engine available or that Studio 27 has different decals or what transkits are available? This can really help modelers know what products are out there for a particular model. A good example of this is Tamiya 14098, once you login you can search for this model and you will see the possibilities of using this website

This website can also be used by vendors to list their items. IE they can enter a link to their own website that will allow a user to purchase an item from them. Email me at the link at the bottom of the page if you are interested in this.

Let me know what you think of this web site by emailing me your comments or sending me possible enhancements ideas to the web site.


8/18/2013 - Added 1968 February Car Model.
8/10/2013 - Added 1968 January Car Model.
4/5/2013 - Added 1967 December Car Model.
3/30/2013 - Added 1967 November Car Model.
3/12/2013 - Added 1967 October Car Model.
3/10/2013 - Added 1967 September Car Model.
3/9/2013 - Added 1967 August Car Model.
7/29/2012 - Added 1965 November Model Car Science Magazine. Special thanks to Javier Jimenez for filling in this missing magazine.
7/24/2012 - Added 1965 October Model Car Science Magazine. Special thanks to Javier Jimenez for filling in this missing magazine.
7/20/2012 - Added 1965 September Model Car Science Magazine. Special thanks to Javier Jimenez for filling in this missing magazine.
3/5/2012 - Added 1967 July Car Model Magazine.
2/12/2012 - Added 1967 June Car Model Magazine. Hopefully will get back to making new updates to web site this year. Thanks for all your support.

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